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【English Native Instructor】 紹介 NEW
Selling points
【Role & Responsiblities】
Engaging children using English in a variety of settings.
Creating exciting and fun, purposeful lesson plans, leading activities/classes and providing support to other staff when they lead activities/classes.
Working as a team and communicating to ensure the best possible experience for children, each and every day.
Supporting school management for smooth operation of the school and facilities.
Meeting and greeting fellow staff, sharing goals for the day, providing support and advice for each other as needed.
【What makes us Special】
☆Freedom & Creativity: Teachers can use our framework of lessons, or use their creativity to develop their own personalized and unique approach to teaching.
☆Teamwork: Support and be supported, every step of the way.
☆Professional Growth: Our passion for education extends to our staff as well, with support in learning Japanese, continued training and workshops.
☆Responsibility: We trust our teachers to be involved and dedicated to promoting our business, taking ownership of their own successes.
☆Bring Out the Kid in You: We emphasize fun in the classroom!
Required qualifications
◇No required experience
◇English native speaker from English-speaking countries(Mother tongue/first language)
◇University degree holder
◇Currently living in Japan
Work location
Working Location About 300 classrooms throughout Japan.
(Tokyo,Kanagawa,Chiba,Saitama etc Hokkaido〜Kagoshima)
We will ask you where you would like to work during your interview.
Starting salary is 250,000Yen/Month
Feature Foreign nationals welcome / Foreign exchange students welcome / Those with study abroad experience welcome

【英語ネイティブ講師】 紹介 NEW
Selling points
■英語で工作(クラフト)をしたり、サイエンス(科学)やマス(算数)について 学んだり、全員で外遊びに行くこともあります。
Required qualifications

Work location
北海道 青森県 宮城県 茨城県 埼玉県 千葉県 東京都 神奈川県 新潟県 福井県 長野県 静岡県 愛知県 三重県
滋賀県 京都府 大阪府 兵庫県 奈良県 岡山県 広島県 山口県 福岡県 宮崎県 鹿児島県
年収 300万円
Feature Foreign nationals welcome / Foreign exchange students welcome / Those with study abroad experience welcome
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