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Work in the international office at one of the top national universities in Japan
Live Locally, Grow Globally
大阪大学は、「Live Locally, Grow Globally(地域に生き世界に伸びる)」をモットーに、様々な活動をグローバルに展開しています。

The International Affairs Division at Osaka University works with our overseas partners to develop sustainable relationships, support international ceremonies and symposiums, and welcome important guests from all over the world.
We also support the university's internationalization and receive translation requests from many administration departments, allowing you to know a little bit about every aspect of the university's operation.
Challenge Your Language

At Osaka University's International Affairs Division, our global reach promises many opportunities for translation work, proofreading in English and Japanese, and helping international guests.
Responsibilities would include:
-translation of university-wide notices and memos
-writing English presentation scripts for international meetings and ceremonies
-welcoming international guests and taking the minutes of their meetings
-proofreading emails, documents, and contracts to be sent overseas
-giving English presentations to international guests

Become a Global Member


We are looking for someone who has:
-excellent Japanese communication (work in a Japanese office - JLPT N1 or equivalent)
-high English ability
-excellent Japanese/English reading/writing skills
-computer skills (office suite, etc.)
-translation experience
-not only excellent communication ability, but also a high ambition to meet goals, a questioning spirit, and brimming with curiousity.
We hope the correct candidate will become a driving force for the university's internationalization.
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