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Oxford University Press is the world's largest university press publishing over 4000 new titles each year and has a presence in over fifty countries world-wide. The Press is an integral part of the University of Oxford. It is incorporated by royal charter, and governed under the University Statutes by the Delegates of the Press, who are appointed from the academic staff of the University. Oxford University Press has very specific criteria for the types of books that may be published, which necessitate careful monitoring of content and quality. Since 1957 OUP Japan has had a branch office in Tokyo and has worked in partnership with teaching professionals in Japan to provide educational support services that are second to none.
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Oxford University Press publishes textbooks, reference works, and other materials for learners and teachers of English as a second language. With two publishing centers in Oxford and New York, the Press produces courses in British and American English for everyone from elementary schoolchildren to business executives. Our bilingual team of representatives and consultants advise teachers on the suitability of all Oxford materials. We are proud to work with the finest authors and educators and by sponsoring speakers to attend conferences and by arranging teacher-training workshops, we bring authors and teachers together to share theories and ideas.
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